Happy Sugar Life – EP 03! A Long Monochromatic Night!

In the last episode we were left with a cliff hanger where Satou encountered an injured boy that was looking for her beloved Shio. Let’s see how this episode plays out shall we? Will Satou be able to keep her composure or will she let loose and end up going crazy once more?

This post contains spoilers.

Happy Sugar Life – EP 01! The Sugar Girl Eats Love!

Happy Sugar Life

High-schooler Matsuzaka Satou has a reputation for being easy, but one day her lifestyle of sleeping with one boy after another comes to an end. It happens when she meets the child Shio, for whom she is convinced she feels true love for the first time. Satou may seem sweet and innocent, but there is nothing she won’t do to protect their life together, including committing murder. But from where did she acquire the little girl, and how long can their “Happy Sugar Life” together last?

Episode 3: A Long Monochromatic Night

In the last episode we were left with Satou listening to the injured boy reciting the vows she and Shio would make, thus ending in a cliff hanger where it was shown that Satou was about to eliminate one of her rivals that would intervene in her relationship with Shio.

We then proceed to Shio who was alone at the apartment waiting for Satou and started to panic having thoughts that Satou will never come back home. The poor kid continued to overthink then finally got the courage to go outside, even though Satou had already warned her on how dangerous the outside world is.

But she couldn’t take another second without Satou by her side.


Shio heard a voice encouraging her to go outside, even showing her to open the door, telling her that she would be there for Shio. As a kid of course you’d follow and listen to the voice, she opened the door and ran out yelling and looking for Satou on where she could possibly be.

The poor little kid left and started running around the streets searching for her beloved Satou getting lost along the way. Shio was already tired and on the verge of crying looking for Satou but that didn’t stop her.

No! No Don’t leave me!


We then go back to Satou reacting to when Shio was yelling her name, I’m not sure how that works but let’s just let that happen. Taiyou, her co worker, had come in the room telling Satou on how he had gotten a hold of the manager to help with the situation.

It is shown that the crowbar she was to used to injure the kid was under the sofa and she had just stood there acting like nothing had happened.

The kid finally snapped out of his rest and woke up panicked from a nightmare and saw Taiyou and Satou by his side worried for his injuries. The kid told the two how he was going home and that he didn’t need help from anybody since in this situation no one has done anything to help him at all.

The kid also rejected Taiyou’s offer to accompany him home and just apologizing for the trouble the two had to go through.

Satou then went home ahead having thoughts on how she couldn’t control her emotions and that moment. She couldn’t explain and express what the feeling she had at that moment, the bitter taste of feeling that was in her heart.

Is this jealousy?

Now most people would handle this more differently but to my surprise Satou seemed fine and happy about experiencing this feeling. But for her this made her glad and happy she got to experience this emotions from her love for Shio.

This emotion, this pain, was born from my love of Shio-chan, right?

Well it was better to react this way than seeing her go inside in the middle of the streets with a crowd right? I’ll be happy for her for now since it is her first time experiencing such a feeling.

Sadly to her surprise Shio was missing. Of course that happy feelings of her then faded after coming home and seeing that Shio wasn’t anywhere to be found. Of course the thought of the injured boy from earlier didn’t help her stay calm as well.

Satou started to panic realizing that her happy sugar life had started to crumble and disappear from her reach.

We then cut to the scene where the injured boy had horrible memories back in the past, it shows how he was related to Shio and they had a complicated family issue. It’s shown how Shio and most likely their mom escaped their home and how a devil like feature started to corner the poor boy.

I’ll come to get you some day.

It would be understandable why Asahi would hate adults after experience a traumatizing pain from the devil in their household. What I wonder is where the mother was and why Shio was all alone.


Shio was scared and alone searching for her beloved Satou. She would have traumatizing back flash where everything felt like spinning, until the woman from earlier was guiding Shio on where to go.

Then bumped into him.

Shio bumped into Taiyou and to his request helped purify him by patting his head and comforting him from his pain, but sadly he wasn’t crying but just salivating with desire and thanks for Shio being there. At this point I’m just scared for Shio, run little kid, run while you can.

Taiyou noticed how Shio ended up breaking down crying because Shio was confused, as well as didn’t know who her family was, he suggested to bring the people she loved here to help her cheer up. And Shio being a gullible child thought that the reason why Taiyou knew about Shio was because Satou told Taiyou about her.

Can you stay at my house until then?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Shio. Run.

Taiyou took advantage of the moment and decided to bring Shio home for the mean time while her parents aren’t there yet. He thought that this was a way for God seeing his good deeds and that he deserved to have Shio.

But he got what he deserved, a couple of the guys that beat up Asahi from the time, started beating up Taiyou for payback.


After Shio saw the blood coming from Taiyou she started to break down having terrible and traumatic memories from the past. This poor kid broke down and started crying, yelling and asking for help as the woman was behind her, haunting her. Then it faded to black with a loud static sound that could be heard.

Will Satou find Shio before anything gets worse than they already are?

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This wraps up the end of the 3rd Episode of Happy Sugar Life. What do you think about today’s episode? We finally got a bit of a clue about Shio’s past and I can’t wait to see the next episode for more.

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See you next time!

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