31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Two

Surprise surprise! The Second day of the Ghibli Challenge! Find out how I first discovered about Ghibli films in a way of a story time of course.  Keep Reading!

31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day One!

Here’s the first day of the Ghibli Challenge where I’ll be telling you guys about the first Ghibli Film I’ve ever watched introducing me to more of their films. Keep Reading!

Short Anime “Sono Toki, Kanojo wa.” Announced!

The official website has launched and announced a new short anime titled “Sono Toki, Kanojo wa.” (“She’s in love”) to be shown in fall. Keep Reading!

Happy Sugar Life – EP 03! A Long Monochromatic Night!

In the last episode we were left with a cliff hanger where Satou encountered an injured boy that was looking for her beloved Shio. Let’s see how this episode plays out shall we? Will Satou be able to keep her composure or will she let loose and end up going crazy once more?
Keep Reading!

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