31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Nine

After talking about my favored female lead from the Ghibli films let’s talk about my favored male lead. Let’s continue with the challenge!

Day 9 Favorite Main Male Character


The last post we were challenged to pick my favorite female lead now let’s talk about my favorite male lead in the Studio Ghibli films.

Special Mention: Haku from Spirited Away

Haku has been one of the most loved and notable character in the Ghibli films, and like others I did have a big liking to him as I watched the film when I was a child. Haku is a river spirit that has the ability of transforming into a dragon, who had lost his identity and became a servant apprentice to Yubaba, the proprietor of The Bathhouse from Spirited Away. He’s shown to be supportive and kind-hearted to others, someone that would help out the people that they care about, as an example to Chihiro ensuring that she is able to leave unharmed and safely back to her world. He can also be strict depending on the situation he’s at.


and of course, I have to say my favorite male lead is Seita Yokokawa the protagonist of the film Grave of the Fireflies. The portrayal of his everyday life working hard to take care of his younger sister after losing their mother is what attracted me to him, how he was able to immediately take responsibility with finding food rations and their shelter and fight for their struggle to survive. The movie itself was beautiful that shows the take on family roles adjusting due to the tragedy that happened to their lives.

That’s all for today 9th day of the Ghibli Challenge! I of course would love to hear about your thoughts as well and if you’re interested in doing this challenge you should! I would love to see your take on this challenge as well.

I wish you all the best and be safe!

See you next time!


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