Late Appreciation Post but still Thankful!

Lately I’ve been focusing on reviews that I had forgotten to respond to these tags/awards posts! So I’m sorry for just posting about it just now! But I’ll be sure to make it even a bit worth it.
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Zekkyou Gakkyuu – Manga Review!

Have you been interested in reading old horror tales mostly made and believed by children? This is probably a manga for you. Come and join the screaming lessons into a class you have never experienced before, different stories that was experienced by multiple youngsters, you’re in for a ride!
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Advis(h)er – Webtoon Review!

A comedy and slice of live Webtoon about Miya’s adventures of being the president of the detective club that would help in events related to love. Care to add this to your list? Well you should.
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Inu x Boku: Nirvana – ED & OP Review!

Inu x Boku SS has been one of my favorite anime’s ever since it has been released, and one of the reasons why would be it’s different endings. This is one of the few anime’s I know that changes endings every other episodes and not to mention they represent the characters of the anime. For today’s post we’ll be focusing on the anime’s first ending Nirvana made by the artist Mucc! Keep Reading!


A story of little guy who just wants to be loved by someone or anyone. Read his adventures of searching for love in a more comedic point of view! Here’s another Webtoon you should check out!
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