5 Cute Hairstyles I’d Like To Try

This will probably start off our “Top..” series here in our blog which would be posted every Tuesday or Thursday, and to start it off why not talk about one of my favorite female hairstyles shown in anime.

When it comes to female heroins the main asset that attracts me to them is how they present themselves, or how they maintain and tidy up their hair. I do admit their are times I would try to follow and copy the hairstyles that would be portrayed but sadly with the short hair I have I can’t really follow most of them.

Special Mentions

Here’s to those who wasn’t able to make it to the list but can’t help but love and appreciate their hairstyles, and also my guilty pleasure on looking at those with pigtails.

anime, gif, and mahou shoujo site image

This is Nijimi Anazawa from Mahou Shoujo Site, another little cutie rocking her long pigtails tied up with two red balls. Look at her, she looks really freaking adorable my heart can’t handle it.

gif and kimi ni todoke image

Hime Cut

The model for this is Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi no Todoke. I only have a thing for this hairstyle ever since I was young watching the old anime style, I love how sophisticated and graceful the hairstyle looked and it’s simply just beautiful and not to mention eye catching, also very feminine!

gif and kokoro image

This is Kokoro from Darling in the Franxx with her hair bare and down, this hairstyle of hers is very cute and simple as well! I would also like to include her wedding hairstyle tied up in a braided crown but I couldn’t find a proper image for that!

Top 5 Cute Anime Hairstyle!

anime, anime girl, and gif image

1. Tidy Bun

The model for this is Rin Shima from Yuru Camp. Her clean tidy bun is one of the most adorable thing ever, I chose this specific person mostly because Shima almost looks like a cute lil dumpling with her hairstyle, I mean just look at her! It’s one of the most simple hairstyle I could think of but she really made it look cute to wear!

anime, anime girl, and gif image

2. Twin Pigtails

The model for this is Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Yuru Camp. Twin Pigtails or Pigtails in general is one of my guilty pleasure as a hairstyles, characters with this type of style would immediately capture my heart since they just look super adorable and adds on to my possible waifu collection.  Any type of pigtails may it be messy, long, short, I’ll end up loving them ’till the end of time. Come on, look at her, she’s really freaking cute.

anime, gif, and darling in the franxx image

3. Single Side Braid

The model for this is Kokoro from Darling in the Franxx. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the meme called the “Hair of Death” hairstyle, apparently this is the one, which really saddens me because I actually appreciate and love this hairstyle. It just has a soft motherly, gentle like style, and its fashionable to wear,

mirai nikki, anime, and anime girl image

4. Double Braided Bun

The model for this is Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. This is another version of a a bun from earlier this time it consists with a braid. It’s a very feminine outdoor type of aura, and it’s really cute to look at!


your name image

5. Braided Ponytail

The model for this is Mitsuha Miyamizu from Kimi no Na wa. This hairstyle was hard to explain but it was first tied into to braids and tied up together with a red ribbon. I honestly love the simplicity on how it looks and also has a young fresh feel to it. It’s really cute followed with the messy bangs.

That was all for my top current favorite anime female hairstyles, I still do have a lot of hairstyles in mind but these were the once that I love the most! Don’t forget to stay tune for next week’s “Top…” as I’m going to be doing the male version of this list and ohohoho I can tell you that I did go a bit overboard on that list.

See you next time!

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2 thoughts on “5 Cute Hairstyles I’d Like To Try”

  1. Wow, I’d love to try all of these myself too. You have good taste. 🙂 I actually did try the Mitsuha hair (for almost an hour), but simply couldn’t get it to work. Maybe it’s one of those anime things…(Or maybe I just wasn’t aggressive enough with the bobby pins)

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