Introduction to the Blog!

Hello there friends and welcome to Sakura Galleria. This is a blog collaborated with few of my close friends where in we write and talk about anime, manga and games. We also have a section that’s meant for eat Authors personal thoughts or opinion’s if any of you are interested in that.

We previously had another blog called The Pantsu Nation but sadly lost access to the account used to make that blog. We will reupload some past works we’ve made, which are only a few to this blog.

So what will our site contain?

Just as I’ve said from above we will be talking about anime, manga, and games. But to be more specific our site or blog will contain..

  • Anime Reviews and Recommendations
  • Manga Reviews and Recommendations
  • Game Reviews and Recommendations
  • Top 10 or Top 5 Series
  • Quizzes, Fun facts, Challenges
  • Lifestyle and Personal Blogs
  • and many more to come!

Do we have a posting schedule?

We do have a schedule in mind but we haven’t finalize it just yet. We all are still studying in our first year of college and have different schedules, so we’re still talking and planning out on who posts on which day or date. But once we do have a schedule we’ll make sure to post it somewhere in the site or blog.

What made you publish a site or blog?

Well the main reason why we decided to make the blog because we thought it would be fun to post our reaction throughout the episodes of anime’s we watch and share and gather our thoughts about it. It’s basically a fun way to just keep our minds off of school and do something that we love, which is cram and watch anime so why not be productive and make a blog post about it? I’m sure it would be fun to do so!

Who are the authors of your site or blog?

You will be knowing them on a different post! Make sure to follow and be updated if you would like to see the weabs behind this site or blog.  I’ll be making sure to link it below as well once it’s been publish.

Thank you all for taking time to read this post! We’ll make sure to post more anime reviews once we’ve finished gathering and editing up our site. Be sure to stay around and be updated for our next posts, we’ll make sure not to disappoint any of you.

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