Guess who’s back? Brotherhood of the World Award II

I just posted a similar post like this a few months ago and I got a notification, to my surprise, being tagged again! Thank you for the nomination and you know who you are, take a read if your interested on seeing my answers!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominate around 10 bloggers.
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

Of course I would like to thank Chris Voyage for making this post possible. Thank you for the nomination and it means a lot being nominated for such an award. Even if you were nominated by someone who writes with you I pretty much agree that you are a great writer, congrats on your nomination as well! Anyways enough of this rambling, go check him out if you haven’t!

I’m also sorry it took me months to do it but like I always say, better late than never! 

Now moving on to the questions.

What’s your favorite kind of post you write/make on your site? Be it episodic reviews, editorial pieces, videos, etc. Why? Is it the same as what you like to read/watch/listen to from other bloggers? Or does personally writing it make the difference?

The favorite kinds of post I write in my side would be an editorial or creative post. Mostly because I find it fun writing the ideas that pops in my mind, or notes I’ve taken down whenever I have an idea when I’m out, posts that I made like Clichés I’ve Noticed in Shoujo Manga’s and Scum’s Take on Fake Love are something that I find fun writing but never really had the time to finish it, thus comes distractions and unfinished projects. But I do have a lot of creative posts coming!

Now when it comes to reading posts from other bloggers I preferred reading episodic reviews and editorial pieces. I love reading certain anime’s episodic reviews because I want to see the opinions of other watchers and compare them with mine to see if I understood the scenario correctly, and also just because it’s fun to read their reactions.

What are your priorities when deciding what to watch/drop? Having Fun? Catching The Feels? Being Surprised? Intellectual Challenges? etc.

I don’t normally drop any anime unless it’s plot isn’t developing at all in any circumstances. My sense of humor is really low and I would usually laugh at anything, even small humor. The feels? I’m a big cry baby and I’d immediately get into the mood when the sad music kicks in, the beautiful sad scenery, and the conversation between the characters. I normally don’t get surprise since most of the time I predict on what’s going to happen next, unless some major unexpected plot twist happens.

Here’s one just for giggles. If you could reimagine any anime you love into a completely different genre, what would it be and what genre would you swap it to?

I find this question fun and unique! Personally the anime I’m loving right now is Yuru Camp and it would be interesting to mix the genre into a psychological horror type of anime. I know, it looses the innocence of the anime but I can’t help but imagine them on the way to camp, getting into a few accidents along the way, and the reason why they started the camp in the first place is to loosen up their stress and in a way for loosing their stress as students they decided to take it out to someone else.

Please don’t think of me badly I’m just curious!

Soda, Pop, or Coke? And what’s your favorite kind, if any?

Related image

I’m a cola or coke kind of person, I’m not into Coke Zero but the regular Coke is all I need. I know it’s unhealthy but I can’t help it! Also here’s an accurate picture of me as Umaru. Chips and coke on the way when I have to cram projects, I’m a very unhealthy person.

Five anime characters for your ideal anime friend group. Go!

I was going to make a similar post about my friends as anime characters which will be posted soon after this one, but if I were to choose my own set of friends then they’ll probably be…

Image result for asobi asobase Olivia

Olivia from Asobi Asobase 

Related image

Oreki Houtarou from Hyouka!

Related image

Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate

Image result for rem from re zero

Rem from Re Zero

Image result for hikaru and kaoru hitachiin png

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin from Ouran Highschool Host Club

I know these bunch might not get along with each other or just in general don’t match up as a friend group but these are the character I would love to meet in general, I’ll leave it to the viewers imagination to why I did choose them~


I decided not to nominate anyone since this was supposed to be posted long ago before my hiatus and also I couldn’t come up with any questions at the moment so I’m sorry for that!

I’m still catching up with all the posts I should have posted months ago, but I hope you enjoyed reading todays post!

That’s all for now and thank you once again for nominating me for this award! It’s an honor to be nominated. I hope you enjoy today’s post, I’ll be posting reviews next so look forward for that.

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Author: miipai

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7 thoughts on “Guess who’s back? Brotherhood of the World Award II”

    1. I can say the same for me, I have lots of editorial pieces I’d like to write but once I start writing my mind would get distracted somehow.
      Thank you! Id like to have a friend who’s interested in mystery stuff, it would be a fun everyday experience!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nice to have yah back! I’m way behind on doing these Brotherhood tag post, and should get on it. It’s all just a matter of finishing them up. Also, Coke is always the way to go. My man Scarface can testify for that good old regular Coke.

    A side note, Oreki Houtarou looks a lot like Mayuri from Steins;Gate. Guess the power of time travel does that to people XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s nice to be back! I still have a lot of challenges and nominations I have to post that I had forgotten before. Yes, Coke all the way!

      Hmm now that you mention it I can actually see that!

      Liked by 1 person

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