5 Cute Hairstyles I’d Like To Try

This will probably start off our “Top..” series here in our blog which would be posted every Tuesday or Thursday, and to start it off why not talk about one of my favorite female hairstyles shown in anime.

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31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Ten

Today’s post will be tackling about my favorite movie cast. Let’s continue with this challenge!

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31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Eight

I’ve most likely failed the challenge after not posting consistently but you know what I still want to continue it either way.  Check out who I picked out as my favored main female lead from the Ghibli movies!

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Build A Harem Tag! (Comeback!)

It’s been almost about a year since I last posted in this little anime blog of mine, so why not come back with at least a grand comeback which I doubt this would be the case. Now let’s get going with the challenge shall we? Keep Reading!

31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Seven

I can’t believe I’m going to be challenge to pick only one favorite Ghibli song. Check out which one I had to choose from all the others! Keep Reading!