Clichés I’ve Noticed in Shoujo Manga’s

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a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought

Lately I’ve been reading a bunch of  Shoujo manga’s as well as one shots in my spare times in between study breaks and noticed a lot of similarity when it comes to the rising action of the manga or the ending and plot of it overall.

It came to the point that it’s become a cliché with the ideas being too overused. I’m not saying I hate them or anything, I still continue on reading these manga’s. So let’s not take too long on the intro, let’s begin!

Note: Not all clichés that I’ve written here are accurate to every Shoujo manga’s out there.

the male protagonist is perfect

It’s a common occurrence when the male protagonist of a shoujo manga appears perfect at everything, this includes when it comes to sports, money, grades, or he’s just extremely good looking. They appear to have no flaws and being fanned over by other women, or overall popular among the characters. Of course there will show scenes and scenarios of their imperfections which makes the heroine fall for them even more.

the love triangle

May it be a love triangle that revolves around the male or the heroine. A love triangle occurs when these characters that tries to force themselves into the relationship because they started to develop feelings for the heroine or the male protagonist. This is where the popular debate on who is the best boy or best girl and having a scene of competition on who is better, and as well as cheeky flirty scenarios.

the bullying scene

There’s bound to be some point of bullying or threatening scene when it comes to manga’s having a strong and popular male protagonist leading a bunch of envious girls towards the lead heroin of the story. This would be a scenario to let down the heroine causing them to feel depressed. Usually this could turn into two different ways, either the heroine would have the courage to fight back and not approve of the bullies to be this way or cower in the corner.

the ex girlfriend

It’s not like the male protagonist would be hiding it, but it will be revealed to the heroine on who the ex girlfriend is. The ex girlfriend ends up in two ways either she’s nice and accepts the new found relationship and supports you, or is the worst and would get in the way because she’s jealous of what the two have. This could go as well as the ex boyfriend.

the rival never wins

This is of course the most obvious cliché and the one that saddens me the most. There are a couple rival characters that I actually see potential in and would be better than the main character themselves. These characters are the one’s that I would cheer for the most and would hope they’d find themselves a better love in the future and hopefully move on from the broken heart.


the heroine runs away and the protagonist catches her by grabbing her arm or calling her name

This occurs a lot of times from Shoujo manga’s I’ve read. The title itself is pretty self explanatory. I had to add this because I’ve seen this a bunch of times happen in Shoujo manga’s.

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That’s all for today’s post and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Feel free to share the clichés you’ve noticed in manga or anime as well. I love writing posts like these once in a while so I hope you guys don’t mind. I’m sorry for it being short as well compared to my other posts.

We are currently making a weekly schedule for the blog to clear up what we will be posting on certain dates, and as well to practice consistency. Well we hope we can do it. We’ll see on what will happen with that.

See you next time.

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6 thoughts on “Clichés I’ve Noticed in Shoujo Manga’s”

  1. I’ve read a few shoujo manga, but surprisingly didn’t come across any bullying in any them. The perfect dude, the ex-girlfriend, and the other ones I see more frequently. It’s repetitive, and I tend to roll my eyes when I see these cliches. If they’re put to good use I won’t be bother much by them.

    A lot of things I see in anime in general is the childhood best friend being a love interest. Whenever I see this I roll my eyes because they typically aren’t chosen by the MC, or the childhood best friend never confesses their feeling to their best friend. There also hardly to be any conflict with them either, and the few times I’ve seen the best friends have conflict of any sorts it tends to return to the status quo eventually. It’s one thing I’m fine seeing done correctly, but more often than not I tend to dislike it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t mind these cliche’s as well as long as they’re being portrayed or shown well, unless it becomes /too/ dramatic that it becomes /too/ predictable then I might think twice about it. I agree with what you said as well, this saddens me because most of the childhood best friends ends up becoming a potential partner but sigh.

      Liked by 1 person

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