31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Four

Let’s continue this challenge with the 4th Day of the challenge! Here you’ll be reading what lessons I’ve learn from the films I’ve watched as someone who grew up watching these films!

Day 4: A Lesson

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One thing about Ghibli films as a child growing up watching these films is how they’re good in teaching everyone a lesson or two about believing yourself. These kinds of story does seem cliche and overused but Studio Ghibli was able to show this message in a way of revealing the importance of knowing that as a person you can do anything you can as long as you believed in yourself and that you don’t need any saving from anyone else, only you can save yourself.

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That’s all for today 4th day of the Ghibli Challenge! I of course would love to hear about your thoughts as well and if you’re interested in doing this challenge you should! I would love to see your take on this challenge as well.

Check here to see all the days of the challenge! Be sure to come again tomorrow for the next daily challenge!

See you next time!

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One thought on “31 Days of Ghibli Challenge – Day Four”

  1. I’ve always like Ghibli because many of their lessons go far deeper than they first appear. Princess Mononoke, for example, did this well when it didn’t settle on which group was right or wrong. The film showed there were many sides to one problem, and it was great.

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