A letter for my beloved

A short simple post, a final letter. If you’re not interested in emotional or sad content then I recommend you not to read. I’m sorry for a change of post.

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“You gave me forever in a number of days… and I’m grateful!”

I haven’t been feeling well for a couple of days trying to hide my tears and trying to smile as much as I can because the last thing I promised was not to cry and put on a brave front. Recently was my 19th birthday and I’m thankful for living another year, but sadly lost someone special to me a day before.

She was someone that I took inspiration to every single day, even though we barely spend time with each other because of her work and my schooling when we do we make up with our absence as much as we can. She was an inspiration to everyone, helping as much as she can to those in need and forgives those who did wrong. She’s someone that’s passionate and works hard for what she believes and nothing stands in her way.

“I became scared of becoming nothing.” was something that she was once. You’ve made a big mark in our lives and there’s nothing for you to fear.

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look at the stars and think of only me.
when the breeze brushes your shoulders,
remember our time together.
life isn’t that long.
one day all of us will need to say good bye;
oblivion will be inevitable.
do not weep when i am gone.
i will guide you through the stars for we and the universe is one.
we will all go back to the sky once we are done here on earth.

farewell, i love you.

Author: miipuffs

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