Lan Chi – Manhua Review!

If you’re a fan of character and plot development then this Manhua is definitely for you! This slice of life Manhua tackles pretty dark themes with death, illness and a mob family so if you don’t mind those then better give this a read.

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Title: Lan Chi
Alternative Title/s: 蓝翅 (Chinese); Blue Wings (English); الأجنحة الزرقاء (Arabic); Lam Sí (Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt – TV)
Author/s: Xu Lu Ako
Genre/s: Drama, Manhua, Mystery, Romance, School life, Shoujo
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Ming Lan was adopted into a new family, but her foster mother Nan Xi treated her as a replacement for her dead daughter. However, her two new brothers, Ming Qing and Ming Jing did not welcome her. Ming Lan’s quiet life under this new roof was disturbed by pranks and false smiles.

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I read this manga last year when I was crazy over Shoujo Manga or Manhua and read all the possible ones I could find. This one caught my attention because of it’s beautiful and cute art style and not to mention it was colored, which was a huge bonus for me.

This manga follows the story of a girl named Ming Lan who was adopted into a new family, and trouble arises when the brothers found out that she came from somewhere that shouldn’t be messed with. Her backstory and secretive past is what kept the plot going, the art style was cute but when you read more into it the Manhua was actually twisted and had a deeper meaning into it.

What I love the most about this manga is how the characters develop. You get to see the characters growing up and seeing how different and how they mature along the way. Each of the character comes from different backgroud and seeing them all together just made clash.

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This is one of the few Shoujo Manhua’s that I find unique and something you could actually learn from it. This isn’t your typical Shoujo Manhua or Manga that has a lot of cliche’s, it’s more like expect the unexpected with it’s pretty dark themes.

I do recommend my readers to give this Manhua a try because of it’s unique plot and how different this is from your typical Shoujo Manhua. So if you have time then try giving this one a try!

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5 thoughts on “Lan Chi – Manhua Review!”

  1. I love the style of this series! I’ve also been really into manhua and manhwa lately, and this kind of drama-centered series seems like something that I would really enjoy, so I’ll have to give it a try soon! If you’re open to trying more drama/romance centered series, I think you would really like Broken Melody. It’s a manhwa about a girl named Minhee who has fallen from her previous world-famous status as a piano player. Her life has been ruined, and she doesn’t believe anything will make it better. Then she meets Eun Hyun, who’s the neighborhood piano teacher. He’s also troubled by a tragic past, and the two work together to overcome their pasts together.

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