Advis(h)er – Webtoon Review!

A comedy and slice of live Webtoon about Miya’s adventures of being the president of the detective club that would help in events related to love. Care to add this to your list? Well you should.

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Title: Advis(h)er

Author: Kimiyoto

Genre: Comedy and Slice of life

Summary: Miya of the detective club spends her days peacefully at the club room, but tranquility is not what she seeks. Hence she sets forth to search for things to do, usually dabbling in events related to love.

Status: Ongoing

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Advis(h)er revolves around the well respected club in their school Mour High, it’s even considered as the schools second student council, it is none other than A Detective Club! Most especially revolves around their club president Miya. What first came to mind when I heard they had such a club I was expecting a more mysterious approach to this Webtoon, but sadly due to the lack of jobs that the club receives they ended up doing jobs from their teachers.

The requests is also open to students, and lately relationship advice has been the popular request that they’ve received.

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Though trouble starts when a popular student named Ron wants to join their club. Saya, being the other member of the club overheard a conversation between Ron and a few other students on how he was curious towards the club’s president Miya.

Saya took this the wrong way and thought that Miya would be endangered and troubled.

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When Ron entered the club room with the intent to join their club so that he would be able to control his affairs, since he is popular and most of the recent request of love letters was for him, he wants to be able to have access to his affairs and love letters as well.

But sadly ended up joining a mafia club.

Well not really, but that’s how it looked like.

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The club president, Miya, declined his request to join the club but unfortunately his request had already been approved by the teachers. With this, the final step that she took was about to sign the papers.

And that’s the current updated chapter for now!

The Webtoon is still fairly new and still has a few chapters that’s been posted. I do have this included in my read list and I will be updated when a new chapter is out to read, I do suggest you guys to give it a try as well!

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You guys should go and download the app “Webtoon” which is available in the app and play store, you could also read it online here. There are a bunch of stories that you could read also different categories for you to search on! If there is a webtoon you’d like to give me a read then don’t forget to comment it down below!

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