A story of little guy who just wants to be loved by someone or anyone. Read his adventures of searching for love in a more comedic point of view! Here’s another Webtoon you should check out!

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Author: Bea the Chin Girl

Genre: Comedy and Slice of Life

Summary: He has been through all kinds of people. And animals… And perhaps even things. A little guy who has a heart-shaped face will tell you his little love stories.

Status: Ongoing

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This Webtoon currently only has two chapters or episodes uploaded but it’s something that I will be looking forward to! The art style is rather simple but the concept of the story is funny and comedic! The Webtoon does break the fourth wall where the main character himself talks to us, the viewers, on his adventure of love.

The first chapter is of him explaining that a potential relationship between him and us, the viewers, is quite impossible because he is still sadly not over his ex, all of his exes.

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I love this Webtoon and included this to my read list. It adorable and Ican’t wait for the next update! There isn’t that much chapter as I’ve said there’s currently only two chapters available thus I can’t say much about it, but I do see this Webtoon coming a long way from now once given enough support. I do suggest you guys to check this Webtoon out and give it a try yourself! I’m pretty sure this will make your day.

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I’m currently reading a bunch of Webtoons and I have a lot in my list to review and for you guys to see and give a try. I’ll be posting my anime reviews soon and hopefully catch up until the updated episodes so I’m sorry for the lack of anime reviews.

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See you next time!

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4 thoughts on “LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME – Webtoon Review!”

  1. That face in the featured image…priceless lol. The MC sounds a lot like one my friends who won’t stop talking to me about his many exes. I’ll give this one a shot once it has a few chapters. I’ll bookmark it for now.

    Liked by 1 person

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