My Crazy Cupid! – Webtoon Review!

A comedic Webtoon that talks about a guy who finds himself stuck with a cupid that’s hoping to help fall in love and find his true love. Here’s another Webtoon you should probably add to your list!

Title: My Crazy Cupid!

Author: Wooh

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Reluctant to fall in love, Conor finds himself stuck with his cupid that’s determined to make him fall in love and find his true love.

Status: Ongoing

When a child meets an angel, they make a contract.
The human child gives half of his heart to the angel.
In exchange, the angel makes a promise to be by his side until he finds his true love.
With the contract sealed…
The angel becomes his cupid,
And the child becomes his target.

My Crazy Cupid! starts with a young adult named Conor that’s currently having a big problem, he’s been confessing to random women that he meets asking them to be his lover or girlfriend, but here’s the catch. He didn’t mean to do it on purpose, and he can’t have a normal life with him randomly confessing to women.

With his troubles he ended up meeting a woman that looked troubled herself, but in a different case.

So that’s how I met my Cupid.

A proper introduction to the characters, Conor, the male, was 20 years old that took Law school and dropped out a year ago to pursue his dream of being a thriller writer. And he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Never had one before.

I never fell in love and I don’t want to.
Love can be bothersome.

He had a pretty normal life balancing his part time job with his dream of being a writer. He had a normal life, mostly ordinary, that was until he met his cupid.

I’m actually glad that I found this Webtoon in the discovery tab and I could see this one having a lot of potential! So to all that are looking for a new Webtoon to read then I suggest you all to try this one!

The comedic sense of this Webtoon is what kept me going and as well as the relationship between the two, I will still continue on reading this and can’t wait for the next chapters to come.

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