Happy Sugar Life – EP 02! Shio’s Miniature Garden!

After the watching the first episode of Happy Suger Life I can’t help but get hooked into the anime and of course watch the second one as well. So I’ll be sticking around with Satou’s life for a few more episodes.

Happy Sugar Life

High-schooler Matsuzaka Satou has a reputation for being easy, but one day her lifestyle of sleeping with one boy after another comes to an end. It happens when she meets the child Shio, for whom she is convinced she feels true love for the first time. Satou may seem sweet and innocent, but there is nothing she won’t do to protect their life together, including committing murder. But from where did she acquire the little girl, and how long can their “Happy Sugar Life” together last?

Episode 2: Shio’s Miniature Garden

The first few minutes of the anime we could see Satou about to throw away her garbage in the river in hopes of creating more of a healthy lifestyle with her anger Shio. Sadly it failed due to the people passing that could catch her in the act.

Of course she didn’t want to risk that and loose her time with Shio.

We then moved onto the scene of her with her friends in school, where they were talking about scandalous dating stuffs like dating a teacher. The way they foreshadow the teacher, Kitaumekawa, seemed a bit disappointing, where they later revealed the made up rumor of him being single. In which I understand why they would talk about maybe dating him.

And in cue their homeroom teacher excused Satou in hopes to talk to her.

They talked about how he wanted to speak to someone about her academics but no one answered. He shouldn’t be prying in her life that much otherwise something would happen.

Luckily Satou was able to make up an excuse, but sadly the teacher didn’t fully believe her excuses and went with the ‘I care about you statement’. That’s where she explained her worries of having a stalker that follows her every night.

But she’s probably just imagining it.

Here comes the best friend who’s worried for Satou and her stalker crisis suggesting that it might’ve been one of their loyal customers who tried to make a move on Satou before hand and had stopped coming back.

But most especially Satou’s worried about her friend as well, who is pretty harsh towards the customer and could be aiming for her as well.

My love for this ship has been increased.

Look at those neko headbands, they’re just so cute!!

Okay back to the episode, they are told that there will be a new worker joining in the crew, somewhat like a body guard to keep a close eyes on the girls in case of any trouble.

The day then ended with the best friend telling her to be careful and maybe ask for help with her stay in boyfriend to protect her when coming home which Satou just grins with the thought of Shio.

Sadly her time with Shio has to wait after she noticed a stalker following her while coming home, only to be revealed as…..

Her homeroom teacher himself. She tried to kindly ask him to stop doing this then had a bitter feeling in her heart. He confessed his feelings for her on how he found her unique other than those other girls. His obsession for her had gotten worst for the past months, every since he laid his eyes on her on the school entrance ceremony.

And he loved the risk of it.

He’s so bitter.
This guys is so bitter.
It’s so bitter I feel like throwing up.

And here I thought he was going to be an average teacher, seems like every character introduced in this anime would be insane. The more the teacher talked, the more Satou could remember her horrid past filled with bitterness.

Thankfully someone’s car suddenly alarmed causing the teacher to leave and told her that he’d be back next time where the opportunity strikes.

Satou came home collapsing on top of Shio with a worried look on her face asking her for something sweet. She was caught my surprise when her angel kissed her saying how she had eaten chocolate while waiting for her.

They night then ended with the two cuddled up in bed, and Satou having to go to school the next morning.

To a surprise Satou visited her homeroom teachers house early in the morning, catching him by surprise. And to everyone’s surprise this teacher had a wife and a kid! Satou then started undressing her uniform taunting the teacher while his wife was slowly approaching them.

Of course the teacher avoided his wife from seeing his undressed student and decided to have a private conversation as they walk to school, where she had to ask him “Why are you hiding the fact you’re married?”.

“Just one isn’t enough to satisfy me.
I want to have relationships with many women.”

Warning scumbag alert. I honestly hate this character as much as I’ve hated him in the manga. In his case he finds that loving a lot of women is his definition of love.

You just like the excitement of the risk of being found out.

Satou started on cornering the teacher on how his point of view in love is a disgusting definition of being a masochist who finds himself pleasured on being stepped on by women.

He’s just a masochistic pervert in simple sense.

The teacher started to feel confused as he finds himself aroused being cornered by Satou, and even more got intrigued by her and ended up becoming her errand boy on throwing away the trash she wanted to throw on the earlier parts of this episode.

At least she had gotten herself an accomplice, well kind of.

While all of that was happening Shio was just at home wanting to help Satou by cleaning up the house with the time she had.

How adorable could this child be.

In continuous on to Satou on her way to her apartment and stumble upon the mysterious person handing out flyers of a lost child name Shio Kobe. Seems like trouble to her. She paid to no attention to it at first and continued on going straight home.

Despite everything, Satou came home and did the same vows as they always do every night and had a lovely sleep afterwards.

As well as the teacher that was burning the trash that Satou gave to him.

In their work the new worker was introduced and it was Taiyou the same boy she had worked in her previous job. Sadly he still lives in the fear of being touched my women after he was harassed by their previous boss. He confessed that every since that day he couldn’t handle himself while being touched my women, he would feel disgusted and would want to throw up.

I honestly feel bad for this guy for having that kind of a traumatic experience which would be understandable why he would be acting this way now.

Satou showed her concern if he would be okay with working here, and he bluntly confessed that he didn’t mind staying after all he wanted to conquer this fear for a certain someone. She caught on and found out that he did fall in love with someone else which he confessed to since he had confessed his undying love for her before.

In fact she didn’t mind and cheered him on to work hard for the person he loved.

If only she knew who he had fallen in love with she wouldn’t even be supporting him at all.

But due to unfortunate events, Taiyou saves a young boy wearing a hood after being beat up by some men on the streets. Of course Satou knows who this boy is and continued on helping him as well.

Taiyou then decided to call the manager for some help and Satou kept an eye on the boy just for safe measures. She wanted to go home already and be with Shio, but then was interrupted when the boy spoke.

But not just any ordinary lines but the vows that her and Shio would say every night.

This caused her to go insane and pick up a crowbar that fell from the dresser she had bumped into. The young boy was still injured and wasn’t able to see Satou about to beat his ass off with a weapon.

Now the question remains.

Will Satou eliminate her rival on the spot?

Related image

This ends up the 2nd Episode of Happy Sugar Life. How did you think the episode go so far? It kind of bugs me that it ended up with a cliffhanger but then again I already read the manga so I already know what happens next.

But so far I’m loving it a lot and I can’t wait to watch the next episode of it!

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