Back Street Girls: Gokudolls – First Impressions!

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Back Street Girls: Gokudolls

A group of 3 yakuza failed their boss for the last time. After messing up an important job, the boss gives them 2 choices: Honorably committing suicide, or go to Thailand to get a sex reassignment surgery in order to become “female” idols. After a gruesome year-long training to become idols, they successfully debut, with overwhelming popularity, much to their dismay. This is where their tragedy truly begins.

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen
Directed: Chiaki Kon
Written: Susumu Yamakawa
Studio: J.C.Staff
Status: Ongoing
Started: Episode 01 – July 04, 2018
Ended: Episode ?? – ??

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Back Street Girls: Gokudolls caught my attention while looking for anime’s to watch for this summer 2018. This one in particular caught my attention immediately from it’s unique story line about yakuza men turning into idols. It isn’t every day that you’d see an anime that involves male to go to Thailand to have a “sex change” operation and become an idol instead of suffering from immediate death from your boss leader.

Enough of talking too much time in this intro! As usual I will be talking about the story line, the visuals and arts, the characters of the anime, and the overall thought of the anime itself. Let’s begin, shall we? 

Note: This would contain minor spoilers from research and in depth description of the anime. 

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Story line

It starts out with the yakuza settings, how these men still had their honor and pride committing crimes and doing those other manly badass action that can cost them for a life time of punishment. In particular we’re going to be focusing on the three main characters who were loyal to their gang leader as how every member should be. But sadly, they had committed a crime and have to go under punishment and choose to die in the hands of their boss leader, but the boss leader decided to be merciful to his lovely gang member brothers and made them choose.

Immediate death in honor of your brethren, or just dump everything and become a cute popular idol in Japan and undergo surgery and intense training on the forest that apparently would help them become the best idol in the industry. Of course, they choose to go with the best decision, they decided to become idols.

I can say that Thailand did a great job with this one. It turns out they turn into a cute idol girl group “Gokudolls” that would sing such… old style type of lyrics and not to mention almost brutal but who cares right? As long as its cute girls singing them it would always sound cute and proper! Their fanbase grew until they became a widely popular bunch of idols even though their failures in their talk shows and interviews and would get a beating from their boss afterwards.

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Visuals and Art

There’s nothing special about the visual and art of the anime, it’s not particularly striking at all. The animation could have been better, it does need more work. In my opinion the animation is something that looked like it took part from the late 90’s or early 2000’s which I’m not really complaining. The art style of the anime isn’t something that most people would look forward on watching, it’s more on to the story line and the comedic aspect that would make up with the poor visuals.

There’s not much to say about the visuals other than it’s meant to be comedic and I guess meme-ish. I do recommend reading the manga after watching the anime mostly because the visuals would be better, and it is a fun read.

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Cast and Characters

The characters personality was personally humorous. As men they would of course stay as men of the yakuza and never lose sight of their pride as part of the yakuza! Each of the characters have their own backgrounds before and when they were part of the yakuza, about their family, friends, and their romantic interest that they had to leave behind. They were forced to have another personality for their idol selves, cutesy idol at day that should be relatable like every girl out there and become drunken yakuza men at night or when they’re alone in their private time.

The characters are a combination of mainly tears, sweat, blood, hard work and testosterone. It’s amusing for me to watch those two-personality contrast as they would lose their pride as men of the yakuza because of daring and cute idol personality, may it be the way the speak, sound, and how they’re competing to one another with their pride on which idol is more popular in their group.

I do hope to see character development between the three yakuza men being on the same shoes of pain and regret in becoming part of the idol industry, I am curious to see how their relationship will be portrayed, will they still become men? or will they accept their faith and become a real idol instead of fighting it?

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Final Verdict?

The anime is basically focusing on the comedic aspect of the setting and would draw people into watching it. But it would only be a hit or miss if you are willing to stay and watch their jokes about sexuality, transgender, and their pride as yakuza men. I wouldn’t recommend for others to watch it mainly because it might be a bit offending, but if you’re okay with these types of jokes then go ahead.

And most importantly if you’re into old man jokes that this anime is for you!

Apart from the animation, this show has a good ring to it, it has a crazy unique synopsis and lots of comedic content. I will be watching the show and testing it out for myself on how long they could keep the comedic content running and hopefully not get sick of it, and hopefully doesn’t have repetitive content.

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What about you? What did you think when you first saw this anime? I of course would love to hear about your thoughts as well. Don’t forget to give this review a like if you enjoyed these kinds of content, and as well as to follow Sakuranism for more updated posts of weekly anime content!

That’s all for today’s post, I will be continuing on doing the episode review so if you’re interested then be sure to stay and enjoy the ride.

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