If I were to have my own harem..

I’m going to try not to get into jail. I swear most of these are legal, except for two of them. Please don’t put me in jail, please no, I just want to love my waifus. 
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Haro there! I’ve been doing a lot of Webtoon Reviews and as well as Anime Reviews that are scheduled to be posted soon. I am currently doing scheduled post mainly because I have a couple of tests coming up which I have to study for, because I’m afraid of failing but I decided to do a free type of writing because why the heck not.

Also because I forgot to schedule the posts properly and skipped Sunday, I’m a bit of a klutz when I don’t pay attention, I blame watching Nanatsu no Taizai in the background. 

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There’s been something going on my mind with harem and reverse harem anime’s, I am currently watching Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san which I might doing a review and decided to let my creativity flow and create my own personal dream harem.

Also I did see a similar post in Anime Amino long before but never really tried it out so for today I’m going to enjoy creating my dream harem.

Note: I might be doing a reverse harem version as well, so if you’re interested then stick around.
Double Note: Another writer in this blog will be posting their first post soon so give that support as well!

My Candidates:

Here are the following candidates that I’ve chosen for my own personal harem, please don’t hate on my chosen waifu’s.

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The Loli

Of course I had to choose Yoshino from Date A Live. I was first debating between two loli’s that came into mind and Yoshino won the battle! She’s super adorable with her large green rabbit eared raincoat as well as her casual white sundress, I wouldn’t mind seeing this little cutiepie everyday in my harem. I’ll make sure not to get arrested, don’t worry guys. But look at those precious looking eyes, I just can’t look away.

Extra: Shy loli, Neighbors little sister, Some kid that just adores you from far away

Typical Line: ““I was…..a little happy.”

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The Reverse Trap

Of course the first one that popped into my mind would be Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club. I love the personality of Haruhi being responsible and knowing her priorities of her school works, she does have a comedic character within her and as well as a sarcastic side as well, she acts strong in front of everyone but of course like a normal person would she has her own weaknesses and fears. It would be great to have a hardworking character part of the harem.

Extra: Schoolmate or classmate, President of the school, Someone that lives from another city, Scholar student

Typical Line: “I think it’s fun to know the person little by little through looking at their personality.”

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The Childhood friend

The one I chose for this one is none other than Chihaya Ayase from Chihayafuru otherwise known as the beauty in vain.. I bet some of you are thinking “Why her, there’s better choices out there.”. I narrowed it down and Chihaya ended up winning from the other I’ve chosen. The reasons why I chose her is because she’s the type of beauty that can still be considered as your typical next door neighbor, she’s outgoing and friend but does come off oblivious towards the feelings of others.

Extra: Neighbor, Popular and adored by others, Someone from another class

Typical Line: “You can buy your meat buns after I beat you!”

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The Transfer Student

Ohohoho~ For this one I choose a special cheeky girl named Karen Kujō from Kin-iro Mosaic. I honestly have a thing for blondies and as well as characters with happy go lucky personalities. I find her perfectly fit for this category mostly because of her broken Japanese often mixing it with English, as well as the plot from the anime fits well so why not put her in to the list. She does come off immature and selfish throughout the anime, and sometimes come off a bit annoying but I’m just curious to what would happen having her in part of my Harem.

Extra: Foreign Student, The youngest looking one, Always borrows your books, Fails math and you have to teach her

Typical Line: “Hey! Ohayō gojaimasu!”

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The Tease

Of course I had to choose Tsugumi from Guilty Crown. And I don’t mean by a sexual tease in case you all were wondering, she’s more like a playful and cheeky type of bully. On the plus side she wears a headband with neko ears which I would love to have someone be a part of this harem! Plus I can withstand the occasional bullying from time to time.

Extra: Underclassman, NEKO EARS, Clubmate or someone from the same extra curricular activity

Typical Line: “Aye!”

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It was a hard journey to choose these 5 lovely characters right before me, but I’m glad it’s finally over! I could honestly say that I had a hard time writing and choosing the possible candidates for each category, my heart just wants to choose all of them but the challenge is limiting me to choose only 5.

My heart was breaking knowing I couldn’t choose the others.

But what’s done is done. I hope you all enjoy today’s post on building my own harem! I am planning, as I said from above, a reverse harem version which would be even more difficult for me. I find posts like these really fun to do and it just helps refreshing my brain on all the past anime’s I’ve watched. Anyways before this post gets too boring that it already is, I’ll see you guys next time!

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6 thoughts on “If I were to have my own harem..”

  1. hmmmmm…. I like you’re harem lineup and especially you’re choice for loli but I am sad that you stole Yoshino from me T^T and I am curious to know who was the other loli you were debating with to pick (maybe you should’ve just chose her and not steal Yoshino from me.. jkjk). I don’t have much to say for your choice for reverse trap and childhood friend other than Haruhi would be a good help to you (since you have that weird thing where there are things you remember and are responsible with but some things sometimes very important that you outright forget to do and yes I know I’m not one to talk :P) and as for Chihaya I just hope you teach her well and also don’t abuse her trust. Now as for your chosen transfer student, Karen, I LOVE IT especially because she’s voiced by Nao Touyama who voiced a lot of my favorite waifus like Kongou and all her sisters from KanColle, Lyria from Grandblue Fantasy, Lalena from Gate, Lecty from Sky Wizard’s, Chitoge from Nisekoi, Lieslotte from Trinity 7, Yui from Oregairu, and Shizuku from Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan and of course I love Karen’s upbeat always positive outlook in life and just generally being adventurous with the that she is, so definitely a good waifu. Now I know you have some masochistic side of you so I’m not surprised you’d let a kouhai make fun of you but I know it’s mostly because of the cat ears and I can’t blame you because it’s adorable.

    Now it’s my turn I guess I must let everyone know now that I am not as good of a writer as eumiiboo over here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yoshino is one of the cutest characters in I’ve seen in anime, though I wouldn’t put her in my harem. If did…oh wait, I think see police sirens. Oh, darn!

    Haruhi Fujioka for the reverse trap is a good choice. I would just end up being confuse by her appearance, questioning my sexuality until I finally realize she’s a chick! Of course, her personality is what’s most appealing about her.

    Liked by 1 person

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