A Good Day to be a Dog – Webtoon Review!

Title: A Good Day to be a Dog

Author: Lee Hey

Genre: Drama

Summary: Hana is cursed into a dog from her first kiss, and the only way for her to break from the curse is to get the second kiss from her first kiss.

Status: Ongoing and Updates Every Wednesday

A Good Day to be a Dog revolves around the life of Hana and her unique curse. She’s introduced to having quite the normal life, except for the fact that she’s been dumped by countless of men because of a condition that she had to follow, which is that they ‘dont kiss‘. This appears odd to the men she’s dated thus ending up getting dumped and depress afterwards even though she already warned them.

Her life then turned upside down with a drunken incident of her wanting to experience to kiss someone, and the person she had in mind was Mr. Lee, a kind co-worker that she had feelings for quite some time now. She decided to walk  up to him and kiss him thinking that he would accept her and break her curse. That was until she mistook him for Mr. Jhin who was wearing Mr. Lee’s jacket, Mr. Jhin is a co-worker she had that wasn’t quite fond of her.

Thus leading to her curse..

The curse started from long ago, where in a village there lived a boy known for being a troublemaker, he would constantly create a fuss making the villagers hate and ignore the boy. The boy got angry from the villagers turning their backs on him and decided to take out his angry on a dog passing by, and ending up killing it even though he didn’t mean it. But little did the boy know that the dog was being watched over by the mountain spirit and placed a curse on the boy.

“If you kiss with the opposite sex when you’re an adult, you’ll turn into a dog! You will see what it feels like to be an animal that can’t speak!” The curse was passed down to each generation of the boys descendants and sadly the naughty boy was Hana’s family ancestor.

That leads to what’s happening today at Hana’s life. There is a way to break the curse as said by her elder sister. She may break the curse by having to kiss the person whom she had kissed, as her dog form. Well that would be easy if only the person that she had kissed liked dogs right? That’s where another problem starts.

He doesn’t.

One thing that I look forward for this Webtoon is to see how the two character’s relationship grow and of course how this would end knowing that Mr. Jhin isn’t a fan of dogs. I will continue on reading this and I recommend you all to give it a try as well!

You guys should go and download the app “Webtoon” which is available in the app and play store, you could also read it online here. There are a bunch of stories that you could read also different categories for you to search on! If there is a webtoon you’d like to give me a read then don’t forget to comment it down below!

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